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The Tall Entertainment Center is the Next Big Thing

Tall Entertainment Centers, the new brand for the company that owns and operates the new Tall Entertainment Park in New York, will debut on Tuesday in New Jersey, sources said.The new brand will debut with a series of shows including “Big Daddy’s House,” which will feature the world famous peluchin, sources confirmed to The Hindu.The […]

A glass-topped entertainment center will open in the heart of Tel Aviv

A glass topped entertainment facility that was supposed to open in Tel Aviv this summer has been postponed after the city’s municipal council rejected a proposal to build it.The Tel Aviv Municipality announced on Tuesday that it has postponed the planned Glass Cinema, a new entertainment center that would be set in the Old City, […]

‘Hottest 100’: The best streaming movies and TV shows of 2017

The Hollywood Reporter is proud to present the 100 most popular streaming movies, TV shows, and albums of 2017.Read on for our list of the top streaming movies of the year.1.The Legend of Korra: The Legend Of Korra: Season 2, Episode 6 (2017)By far the biggest movie of the week, “The Legend of Avatar: The […]

Which movie star would you rather watch?

We asked fans to vote on which movie star they’d like to see in the upcoming James Bond film, and here are their choices.1.Ian Fleming James Bond: 007 Source Business Insider/YouTube 2.Daniel Craig James Bond (2011): Spectre Source Business Insider/YouTube 3.Daniel Radcliffe James Bond 2017: Spectre Source ABC News/YouTube 4.Tom Hardy James Bond 2019: Spectre […]

Google’s YouTube Now Is Now Available to All Android Users

Google’s new YouTube app is now available for Android users, bringing Google’s search engine to more people than ever before.The announcement comes as Google prepares to roll out Google Now, a feature that will let users instantly search the web, get local weather information, and receive recommendations from other people via their Google search history.Google’s […]

Why is Beyonce in the spotlight?

The next time you see Beyonce, it will probably be with her singing “Famous.”Her latest video for the song, “Familia,” has already earned her an audience of over 15 million people worldwide, which has given her a global reach that can only be measured by her fame.And now the video is making its way to […]

Why is ‘Surreal’ being blamed for the deaths of so many Australians?

When Australia’s most popular show, Surreal, was cancelled in March, fans blamed its cancellation for the number of deaths in the country’s gambling industry.But it is the popularity of the film Surreal that has caused the biggest outcry in Australia, as a film shot in the same year is also linked to the deaths.The film’s […]